Filthy 50

There was once upon a time where I can’t even do thrusters. Yes, thrusters are my nemesis. A previous car accident means my shoulder and neck muscles are prone to injuries. I struggled to finish a drill before with 15 kg and had to go down to just using a bar. That was incident 1. In incident 2, I could hardly do 15 thrusters with 10 kg in 40 seconds.


But there is something encouraging and uplifting when you overcome your nemesis.


So we did Filthy 50 yesterday. yup! 10 exercises. 50 reps. Sounds awesome right?

Those movements were:

– Trx Rows

– Overhead squats

– box jumps

– Push ups

-Kb Swings

– Sit ups

– Thursters


-Mountain Climbers

– Burpees.

In actual fact, I had 3 nemesis in this WOD. Overhead squats aren’t my favourite but neither are box jumps. I just can’t freakin get over in my head to jump up a box post pregnancy! (Yes, I could do it pre pregnancy. I’m still puzzled by that). Well, I will conquer that one day. Now, I’m jumping on a shorter step to get myself acquainted with jumping to a higher platform again. My head did perceive things differently after a baby!

Filthy 50 tests everything. Endurance, technique, cardio, strength. If you don’t feel it today, you will tomorrow.

I did it  under 25 minutes. Each and every one of those exercises. It’s not GREAT timing but it’s a WOD done. A more challenging one as well. What helped?

1) Breathing. Just practising to breathe right through the nose and huff out through each squats.

2) Concentrating on using my glutes. Technique helps. I’m pushing using my hips through squats.

3) Concentrating on form and using my core. EVERYTHING uses the core. When I slack, everything slack. keep it tight and the movements flow.

4) Counting to 30 and then start counting backwards. Mentally, the numbers go smaller and seems manageable.

5) Taking some breaks. For push ups, thrusters and burpees, I broke the set up. I did 3 sets of 10 and then if need be, break it to 5s. I try to stick with 10s.

6) Having encouraging friends around help. I learned this as a participant but also when seeing others doing their work out. A gentle “GO!” and “You can do this!” makes a difference.


The feeling of achieving and finishing something you struggled before? Amazing.


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