I love food.

I was never educated in health when I was child, nor was I interested as I grew older. I was showered with chips, lollies, cakes and chocolate by my family (let’s not forget the instant noodles too!) and would eat at least one of these things on a daily basis. I was probably obese at the age of 12-13yrs but that decreased to chubby within a year, which I maintained steadily with no exercise. My body went into starvation phase around the age of 20 and I dropped 10kg in a period of 1-2 months. I was skinny (but fat) and looked sick, but I’ll admit that I enjoyed being skinny. It was after this period that I was introduced to the gym.

I had zero motivation. I was nagged until I caved, and behold, I tried Zumba class – I swore I’d never take up Zumba – but this is where my fitness journey began. I moved on to Konga, Body Combat and even tried a couple of Body Pump classes (Zumba wasn’t my type of exercise). My current activities include Fitness Boxing, Metabolic Conditioning and heavy Weight Lifting, I also dabble a little into Pilates.

The decision to change my diet came a good 6-12 months after I started exercising. I just loved food too much and could not bring myself to go clean. I got there eventually, but I still struggle to find balance in my food. Nutrition is important to me, but so is enjoying the treats I work so hard for at the gym!

I relied heavily on external motivators around me (very opposite to Daph) to kick start this journey. I struggled to do anything without the encouragement from those around me.

Just for background, I suffer from hypothyroidism. I was treated with radioactive iodine back in 2003 for Graves’ Disease (hyperthyroidism) and have been on hormone replacements since. For 11 years now, my thyroid has been all over the place and not functioning optimally. I am on a journey to find how to optimise my thyroid functioning through medication and diet and currently seeing an endocrinologist.

While exercise a part of my life, nutrition doesn’t come as easy. Nutrition is important to me – but I really struggle in this area. My other half is not as into health and fitness as I am, so we work on a “give & take” as he’s the cook! In addition to this, ice-cream is one of my biggest weaknesses.

We can only do our best, life will dish us ups and downs.


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