Body Image

Who else struggles with body image?

I looked in the mirror one morning and freaked out – It looked like I had gained a kilo or so, my tummy was bigger and my arms and thighs had “beefed up”. It sent me into a crazy obsession and I have been struggling to bring myself back to reality. I started wearing dresses to hide the tummy and thighs, jumpers to hide the arms. I felt lost in a long moment of self hate and didn’t know what to do about it. My mind was going inside out of itself with self hate! (in reality – I had inflammation of the shoulders/lats/pecks, but in the moment this was not my concern)

That feeling of knowing you’re exaggerating and being crazy, yet you can’t help it!!

Any ladies have moments like these too?

The fit life is definitely an ongoing journey and no matter how mentally strong you are, sometimes these things just happen once in a while for girls. In the Asian society I’m thinking happens quite often if you are not petite like myself.


  1. Be very self aware
    • Know your feelings and moods
    • Recognise your overreactions
    • Recognise your obsessions
    • Remember that your body shape (and bone structure) is not the same as the person you’re seeing on TV/internet
  2. Stay away from the scales and measuring tapes
  3. Despite your million self criticisms, remember the person next to you loves you!!

It’s a mental game with yourself. I find constant reminders of these stop me from tipping over that edge in my moments.

I follow Korean dramas and music, so I’m all over the Kpop culture, I must admit, I’m totally sucked in! These ladies with plastic surgery are beautiful, and when that’s what you watch, it warps your mind into thinking that’s what the perception of women should be like. I’m in Australia too, so I can’t imagine what this is like in Korea – please share your thoughts on Kpop culture.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kpop culture – google image: Girls Generation, Sistar, Kara, Miss A, 2ne1, Apink, After School – these are some of the most popular girl groups in Korea

Having said this, I’m still in an Asian community, where “hello” is “omo you’ve lost so much weight!” or a split second moment of silence as they do a double take if you’ve gained weight… other than that, it’s usually “have you eaten? are you hungry? (for the aunties 😀 )” Unfortunately, it’s very hard to escape judgement on physical appearance  in this society.