Workout: 20 min kettlebell AMRAP

Today’s Workout:

5 rounds of 40:20 (40 seconds work 20 seconds rest)

  1. Goblet Squats
  2. Sprints (originally kettlebell cleans)
  3. Halo (20s each way)
  4. Kettlebell Swings

Don’t underestimate this workout – I did. It was 20 minutes of solid hard work! The cleans were subbed as not all of us were comfortable with the movement yet.

Good fun 🙂


Workout: 100 Thrusters

Throughout the week you vary the movements in your workouts so you end up with a good workout to different areas of your body with sufficient rest. Every now and then we will do a challenge to see how long it takes us to complete 100 reps of something with an EMOM to break it up. Today’s challenge was Thrusters

100 Thrusters with 10 TRX rows EMOM

Our Times

  • 6:00
  • 7:50

How did this workout feel?

First, your weight should be challenging, you want to be breaking every now and then. After a while I had to stop every 7-10 reps for a quick breather before pumping out more reps.

Form is 100% most important when you are doing lots of reps of the same movement. I will stress this in every workout post. Your form will want to drop as the same parts are being used over and over. Go slower if needed but do not sacrifice form! Do not give in! Make sure your weight is not so heavy that you are at an increased risk of injury (exercise will always come with a risk, but be reasonable). If you feel you can not maintain form, definitely switch to a lower weight – remember – you can always work your way up – you can’t exercise at all if you injure yourself.

  • 1-50 is something I have done several time before and while challenging, was manageable.
  • 50-80 sucked. This is where you’re more than halfway, so close but so far feeling, just had to keep pushing. It helps to count how many you have left rather than focusing on a big number. The trx rows help to re group.
  • 80-100 you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Everyone is different but Mel prefers not to use the mirror and concentrate on her movements while Daphne uses the mirror to correct her form.

After this, you sit and rain sweat for a few minutes while your heart rate goes way up and then recover. Then take it in because you have just completed 100 amazing thrusters!


Workout: 14.5

For Time:
Thrusters x Front Burpees
Barbell Thruster = medium challenging weight (I used 20kg)
Front Burpee = burpee facing the barbell, jump over the barbell – 2 feet to 2 feet
My Time: 13 minutes
This was the workout for the 2014 CrossFit Open in California. My instructor thought this would be a good challenge to give us a rough idea of where we are in our fitness levels in comparison to the best of the best in CrossFit.
Boy was this a challenge! By the time I was through with this, sweat was raining from my head for at least 10 minutes.
See this link for the world championship video, tips and best times: